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Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman
Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey), who becomes obsessed with the number 23, turns his once ideal life into a psychological torture hell that could lead to his own demise and the death of his loved ones. Influenced by the mysterious novel titled "The Number 23," which he can't seem to let go of, Walter is forced to confront the secrets of his past in order to continue his future with his wife Agatha (Virginia Madsen) and teenage son Robin (Logan Lerman).

The book was given to Walter as a birthday gift by Agatha and eerily reflects his life through its chilling and mysterious murder plot. The main character in the book, a distracted detective named Fingerling (also played by Carrey), is filled with moments that remind Walter of his own past. As the world of the book comes to life, Walter gets drawn into its most terrifying and provocative chapter: Fingerling's obsession with the hidden power of the number 23.

This obsession spreads from the book and starts to control Walter. He sees this number everywhere in his life and begins to believe that he is destined to commit the same horrific crime as Fingerling – murder. Nightmarish visions take over Walter's mind, where his wife and family friend Isaac French (Danny Huston) suffer terrible fates. In this predicament, Walter has no choice but to desperately unravel the mysteries of the book.

If he can decipher the power behind the number 23, he may be able to change his future.

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